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PayPal Credit - Customer Engagement & Reuse

20% of PayPal Credit customers are falling off in the first 7 days after applying. 

PayPal Credit offers users six months to pay off purchases over $99+ with no interest. PayPal Credit also offers several types of partnership credit cards that have reward programs. The application process is quick, and users can use their line of credit immediately on their first purchase. The current engagement experience includes a series of emails sent to the user within the first 30 days of applying.


Idea Dump

The first phase of the project included an idea dump of all of the ways to increase user engagement. The team looked at the competitive analysis of other successful products on the market. The final ideas were categorized into three areas of engagement.


Concept Design 1: Chatbot

Each designer was assigned an idea to iterate and prototype. I joined the project at this time and was assigned the chatbot concept. The chatbot was intended to create engagement with the user through an automated conversation that would highlight credit rewards and offers while the user was logged in into their PayPal account.


Concept Design 2: Contextual Offers

I began researching chatbots and discovered that they are most effective when the context of the conversation makes sense for the particular use case, for example, troubleshooting customer issues, placing orders for flowers, or buying train tickets.

I decided to create a more contextual experience for the PayPal Credit customer by highlighting offers in areas of the user flow that make sense for what the user might be trying to accomplish.

The first example is a tag that appears in the PayPal Credit model highlighting a new rewards challenge and since John, the user, is already a highly-engaged user he could take advantage of the challenge and easily rack up more points.

Tag1 (1)

The second example is a tag that appears on the PayPal Shopping page. Users can see that Overstock is offering 2x more points. Since the user is already looking for a merchant to shop at they may be more inclined to shop with merchants offering points rather than getting a notification in a chatbot while trying to make a payment for previous purchase.


What is the ideal credit experience?

After exploring contextual offers, I started questioning if a feature like this would actually bring value to a customer. It made me wonder what the ideal credit experience would look like and what all credit users find value in, not just PayPal Credit customers.  
I started reading popular credit insight blogs such as The Points Guy and reports like the J.D. Power 2018 Credit Card Satisfaction Report. I discovered rewards are a critical deciding factor when picking a card but many people don't understand how to use their rewards.  

Concept Design 3: In Merchant Rewards Experience

  • Highlight PayPal Credit value props directly in the shopping experience
  • Providing contextual rewards specific items users are shopping for
  • Simplify redeeming rewards and checking out with PayPal credit

Concept Design 4: PayPal Credit Shopping Plugin

For the final concept, I partnered with another designer to create the PayPal Credit Shopping Plugin. The plugin allows users to shop are multiple stores and add items to their PayPal cart as they go. Once the user's cart hits $99 they qualify for 6 months no interest. The user can also tarck and redeem their points directly in the plugin and apply the dollar value to their cart total while checking out.

plugin example