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Aprimo is a marketing operations platform that allows marketers to manage budgets, people, data, and content throughout the workflow and campaign delivery of the brand experience. Aprimo has become a leader in technology in the marketing industry because of its innovative full-service approach.

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Aprimo believed that there was a part of the marketing experience that was not yet captured within their product hub. They found that marketers needed a way to gather and track ideas in formative stages of the campaign development. Aprimo wanted to develop a product that allowed users to take a simple inspiration and turn it into a full-fledge brief. 

Context map

The team started the design process by creating a context map with our client to identify and prioritize their goals for the project.

The context map includes five main sections. The client ranked each section by the level of necessity. Three areas became part of the project's initial phase, and the remaining sections would be addressed in the future. Workspace, ranked number one, consists of components used to combine ideas and inspirations that are gathered before a plan is made. After the idea is created, specific tactics and dates are added to develop the idea into a completed brief.

Journey Map

Critical user journeys

After identifying the features, we created a user flow. The Workspace is the central screen the user would perform all of their other tasks. The focus for the user flow was to prevent confusion for the user as they navigated deep into each idea.

Aprimo User flow

Low fidelity sketches

We conducted three designs sprints to brainstorm, design, test, and prototype each feature.

Add idea to plan
sketch work space
sketch idea plan
Quarterly calendar
Monthly calendar view
sketch quarterly calendar
sketch monthly calendar
View plan on calendar
Weekly calendar view with plan
sketch view plan on calendar
sketch calendar view with plan

Low Fidelity Prototype

Work Space
Create Plan
Lowfi 1
Lowfi 2
Add Idea
Develop Plan
Lowfi 6
Lowfi 3
Calendar with Plans
Lowfi 4
Lowfi 5

User Testing

User 1:  Project Manager

The first user responded well to the layout of the Work Space. The user said the Workspace reminded them of other inspiration-gathering websites and felt comfortable with the user flow. The user had a difficult time finding the button to create a new plan. Once the user was able to create a new plan, they successfully added components. The user felt that adding an idea to the plan was confusing and did not like the layout. The user easily added collaboration with other users and was able to add the plan to the calendar.

User 2: Project Manager

The second had never used inspiration-gathering websites before but has used project planning websites. The user easily navigated the filter and search prompts but thought that the organization level should be compatible with larger companies and suggested adding an additional filter for brands. The user responded well to creating a plan and easily added components. The user would like a more structured plan form that would be detailed enough to serve as a final brief.

User 3: Senior Creative Director

The third users did not use any websites to gather inspiration and specializes in television and print advertising. The user found the workspace easy to understand and was able to search and filter ideas. The user suggested additional filter options based on their specific use cases. They would like to have an internal company library of inspiration images instead of uploading original material. The user would also like to have more integrations with other design software.

Final prototype